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It's too long an answer for 140 characters so I'm putting it here.

It’s too long an answer for 140 characters so I’m putting it here.

I was working the morning shift at the Courtyard Marriott Pittsburgh Downtown as a valet. Saturday morning shifts, if I recall, were slow as most people left on Sundays. This was a slow day but I couldn’t have been more excited.

Barack Obama was announcing his candidacy for president.

The kids in the breakfast area were less excited as I changed the channel from cartoons to the news, but after the drubbing of 2004 and the subsequent progressive victories of 2006, there was no way this burgeoning political junkie wasn’t going to watch this thing happen live.

The speech wrapped up and as I walked back to the valet stand, my manager asked me what I thought. I replied,

“Consider this my notice. At the end of this semester I’m moving to Iowa to get that guy elected.”

So, that worked well. #WhereWereYou?

Photos: “President Candidacy Announcement, Springfield, IL, 2/10/07” by Obama for America is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0