Doorknocking with Megan Srinivas

Megan Srinivas recording notes in her canvassing app

Knocking on doors is both my favorite way to help a campaign and venue for political campaign photography. Lots of handshakes and smiles, plus fresh air and movement is way better than a stuffy podium or grip-and-grin session.

Dr. Megan Srinivas is an infectious disease doctor, a friend of mine and my wife’s, and a candidate for the Iowa House of Representatives in my district. I had considered running for this seat myself after current Representative Bruce Hunter announced he was retiring after 20 years in the legislature but, as I announced on Twitter, decided against it after Megan announced she was interested. (Third tweet down in the thread.)

The first hurdle in running for office is getting your name on the ballot. You need signatures of registered voters who live in that district and you need them in early so the county auditors can make sure they’re valid. This is a great opportunity for candidates and their supporters to make their first pass on the doors in the district if they haven’t already.

So we enlisted some supporters, bundled up, met up for coffee and training at Panera Bread on Fleur, and hit the bricks.

Megan had great conversations on the doors about increasing Iowa’s minimum wage so full-time workers can make ends meet, fully funding public schools (way above the paltry 2.5% increase from the Republican-controlled legislature that doesn’t even cover cost of living increases), and victims’ rights.

We both remarked how we were a bit rusty at this since we hadn’t been out knocking on doors since before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Even though it was a bit nippy it felt good to both get exercise and meet the people in our neighborhood.