National Review Online becomes what it hates

The National Review Online. It’s a conservative publication and, for


The National Review Online. It’s a conservative publication and, for the most part, I’ve read their articles sparingly. Usually when Andrew Sullivan is writing a retort. That has changed since I got an iPad and started reading the politics feed on Flipboard over my coffee and yogurt. Their articles are given prominence and I’ve since perused their pages with greater frequency.

Today I almost dropped that coffee. Editor-at-large Kathryn Jean Lopez, or K-Lo as she is lovingly referred to, went on a fear-and-loathing-esque rant against the President:

Our nation is at something of a turning point. Are we going to continue to be a beacon for freedom, for justice? Or are we going to be transformed into just another secular socialist state?

That’s nothing new. It’s a conservative publication and the President is a big boy. It’s expected, if a little hyperbolic, and he can take it. The next statement bothers me more:

You’re not an Occupy Wall Street protester, you’re a Get America Back on Track laborer. You work hard, you raise a family, you’re an informed voter.

Now, I have my share of problems with Occupy, especially the Des Moines chapter, but don’t call them uninformed. Not when there are Tea Partiers holding signs like this:

That’s not the point of this post. Just the build up. The build up of this conservative stalwart image. Free market and hard work etc. That’s all well and good, but then there’s this:

We rely on you to make that content possible. Before you spend your final Christmas dollar on that LED Snoopy at Target, consider sending us a small investment in the future — and getting our bills paid.

You’re going to ask for donations after claiming the free market high ground? How about this: sell some more ads. Tell that sales department to work a little harder. Don’t call me a socialist while you have your hand out, Ms Lopez.